Who I Am


I'm a content creator, of all varieties, and a recent graduate from Falmouth University, UK, one of the classes of COVID19. I studied Press & Editorial Photography, a unique course the promotes skills in all walks of creativity, with a focus on photography. I've always been interested in all forms of creation and my self titled 'Multi Visual Creative' is not a pompous self-centered pedestal that I've placed myself on, but more of a genreless plot that I best find to describe myself. I love photography, film, design, podcasting, I've done work in front of a camera, reporting, and modeled in photos, I've assisted in creating a gallery and worked on web content migration. I love it all, I don't really follow a set path of being a 'this' or 'that' I get my kicks from coming up with ideas, solving problems and developing projects all whilst utilizing what I've learned to assist in that. 

Who am I? 

Zach and I create stuff. Weird stuff.

... and some normal stuff.